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Help Center
  • Getting Started
    A guide to help you successfully get started with vCita.
  • LiveSite Portal & Widgets
    Customize your LiveSite, promote your business online, and allow your clients to take action online.
  • Website Builders & Plugins
    Learn how to add vCita to your website builder: WordPress, Wix, Weebly and many more.
  • Scheduling
    Find all the tips and options to help you manage your business schedule efficiently.
  • Payments & Invoicing
    Learn how your business can invoice easily and get paid faster.
  • Document Sharing
    See how you and your clients can share documents and learn about documents quota.
  • Client Management
    Learn how to manage your leads and clients, customize forms and improve follow-ups.
  • Account & Settings
    Learn how to customize your account settings.
  • Staff Management
    Work as a team - Share calendar, assign tasks, and learn how to set permissions.
  • Integration
    vCita's open API allows you to integrate with different systems - Visit the developer hub or quickly connect with Zapier.
  • Partnership Program
    Learn how to introcude vCita to your clients and how to get them setup with a vCita account.