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Staff member Account Settings

To edit a staff member account settings click on the Edit button on the Staff Settings page.



For each team member you can set up the Profile, Services, Availability including calendar sync and SMS notifications.


On the Profile settings page, you can set your staff member Email, Name and profile image.


My Appointments

Before you can assign service to each team member you should first set the different Business services as described here.

Once your Business services menu is set, you can assign specific services and appointment options for each staff members.
You can set up each service or appointment type with the staff member contact information.
For example, if you offer phone consultation, each team member can have his/her phone number on file.


My Schedule

For each team member you can set different time zone and Business Hours so each could manage their own availability to meet with clients at their best convenience.


Each staff member can sync their own calendar with vCita. So any busy time on the calendar (Google, Outlook, iCloud etc.) will be excluded from their availability on vCita and clients won't be able to select it.

Each staff member will have calendar on vCita which will display all the upcoming appointments scheduled on vCita. Can be used to invite clients to meet or simply to block specific times that are busy. Click here to learn more about vCita calendar and calendar sync.


My Notifications

Each team member can receive text notifications to his/her mobile phone for every new contact or scheduling request, so they can quickly reply or follow up with the clients.
To learn more about SMS notifications to your mobile phone click here.


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