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How to add or remove staff accounts

How to Add, Remove & Purchase Staff Accounts 

Please note this applies to users on the Ultimate for Teams subscription level only. Please click here to review the features included in the Teams subscription level, or to upgrade your current subscription.

To add staff members to your vCita account, your account should be set with the Ultimate for Teams subscription.
The Ultimate For Teams subscription includes three (3) total profiles: an administrator level account, plus two (2) staff profiles. Staff profiles have limited access to settings and certain client data.

Additional staff profiles can be purchased at any time via Settings > Staff > Buy More.

The main account has full admin permissions, with access to view and configure the following options:

  • All company information and settings
  • Payment settings
  • Staff settings and management
  • All client data
  • Access to staff profile calendars

Once your account is set with the Ultimate For Teams subscription, you can start setting up the profiles for your team members. To get started, navigate to Settings and then select Staff.

On the Staff Settings page you can:

  • Create new accounts or delete existing (If you delete an account all its clients and engagements will be assigned to the admin account)
  • Edit each team member account settings
  • Purchase new staff accounts
  • Login to each account to view their activity (it is recommended to use the new Work As option instead. Click here to learn more)

Add a new Staff Account

To add a new staff member:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Staff 
  2. Once there, choose Create Staff Member 
  3. You can then set the Photo, Name, Display Name, E-Mail Address (which becomes their username), Password, and Provided Services.
    The services that populate here are based on your Service Menu. Click here to learn more about creating your Service Menu.

  4. When ready, click Create to save the staff account.

  5. Once the account is created, you can then click Edit to set up the additional options: Professional Title, Business Hours, Sync a Calendar, SMS Notifications and Email Signature. The staff member may also log into their account directly to set up these options.

Remove a Staff Account

To remove a staff account, simply choose the Delete option from the staff screen. If you delete a staff account, all data (messages, meetings, payments, documents, etc) will be transferred to the Admin profile's inbox.


Please note that it is not possible to delete the admin profile. You will need to click Edit and update the profile information if you wish to change the admin account.

Buy more accounts

If you require more accounts than the number your current subscription includes, you can add more accounts by clicking the Buy More button.

Select how many accounts would you like to add and click on Purchase Now. The total amount will be added to your billing immediately.

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