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Team account overview

vCita offers solutions for your whole organization or team.

vCita Team Account allows you to offer your clients the option to schedule services and appointments with your staff or colleagues under a unified branded design and widgets.

Each member of you team can offer different services, based on their preference and availability.


You can view and manage all your staff activities, appointments and correspondence from your Admin dashboard.

The main account holds the company information and basic settings which all sub-accounts (team) will share.
The information that all sub-accounts will share is:

  • Business Information - Company name, phone and address. 
  • Type for Services or appointment options (you can assign specific services to specific team members)
  • General calendar display.
  • Advanced Scheduling Options like Reminders and automatic appointment confirmation
  • Automatic "Thank you" messages
  • Payments information and invoices
  • Logo and Branding Colors
  • Client card - the information you wish to save about your clients
  • All widgets will display the company profile and branding, and allow to choose the desired service and the team member to provide it.

Information you can define separately for each team member

  • Email, Name and Profile image
  • Which services the team member can offer
  •  Business hours, timezone and calendar sync
  • Mobile phone number for SMS notifications

How to add or remove a team members

How to set company branding

How to assign services and scheduling options to team members

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