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How to navigate between your team accounts?

As the account admin, you can view and access your staff accounts, appointments, correspondence, clients etc.
You can view all your staff members appointments on a joint calendar, or choose to see each staff calendar separately. Click here to learn how to use the shared team calendar.
You can "Work as" your staff member or simply view the account as the staff member see it.

 To work or view the account as the staff member follow these steps:

  • While logged into the Admin account, click on the white upside-down arrow in the upper left of your account

  • account_settings_arrow.jpg

  • On the screen that pops up, choose the desired staff member from the Work as option
    (click the drop down menu to see the available options)

  • Once you have impersonated the desired staff member, you can schedule appointments or respond to clients as the staff member.
  • To return to your account view, click the that displays next to the "Working as..." indicator on the left. 


The video below shows an example of an Account Administrator scheduling a meeting on behalf of another staff member. 


Admin account

The admin account is assigned to the first staff member. And it can be used as a regular account for appointments, contacts and client management.
To configure all staff members including the admin, navigate to Settings>Staff.

Once in the Staff editing page you can return to the main/Business account by clicking on the Back to main staff screen link.


Click here to learn more about Staff Settings.

You can also login to each staff member's account to view all the activities and client communication by clicking the Login as button.
*To return to your admin account after you have logged in to a team member account, logout of the team member account and login to yours.


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