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Set appointment reminders via email or text message (SMS)

When a meeting is scheduled, vCita will send an automatic email and SMS reminders to your client about the upcoming meeting.

By default, one email reminder will be sent 15 minutes before the meeting. You can change this setting and configure up to two different reminders and select how long in advance the email reminders and SMS reminders should be sent.

Enable email and SMS appointment reminder to clients:

  • Navigate to the Settings > Notifications and Reminders
  • Under the Notifications for your clients section, select the time for when the reminder should be sent from the drop-down list. You can set up to two (2) different reminders.
  • To send the SMS reminder in addition to the email reminder, enable the check-box next to Send reminder also via text message (SMS). As shown in the screenshot, you may choose to only send one SMS or two. 
    • If you wish to send only the SMS reminder, you will need to disable the Reminder email entirely under Settings > Email Template Editing. See the section below in this article to learn how to do this. Click here to learn more about general Email Template Editing options.


When you enable SMS reminders, a phone number field will be automatically added to the contact form clients are required to complete at the time of scheduling. Clients will be notified underneath that field that an SMS reminder will be sent before the meeting. 

The phone field is not mandatory by default (unless the service is set for "You call the client") but you can choose to set it as mandatory. Click here to learn more.



Add country code selection

If you provide services to clients globally, and you would like to also collect their country code, you should enable this option. 

Navigate to Settings > Business Info and check the option My clients have a different country code



Enabling this option will add a country code drop-down list to the phone number field on the scheduling form.


Disable email reminders for your clients

If you would like to disable the email reminders and only have SMS reminders sent to your clients, you should enable SMS reminders as described above.

Then, navigate to Settings > Email Template Editing.

Under the Scheduling module for client-facing emails, choose the email titled Reminder, and deselect the check-box next to Send this email. This will disable the email reminders for your clients, while leaving them on for you. 


Send SMS reminders to clients that do not have an email address

If you add clients to your vCita account that do not have email address, but they do have a phone number, they will receive a SMS reminders as well. To learn more on how to add clients to your vCita account click here.

If you don't want meeting reminders to be sent at all, you can disable this option by selecting Not Set under Appointment reminders.


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