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Get to know my calendar options

The vCita Calendar and Scheduling options were designed to help you manage your business calendar and scheduling more effectively.

When prospects and clients try to schedule time with you - it doesn't have to be a hasslevCita provides great widgets and scheduling tools that make scheduling simple and fast. 

The calendar has 2 main functionalities for your business:

  1. Dislay your availability to prospects and client
  2. Manage appointments and business calendar

Display your availability to prospects and client

  1. Navigate to Settings>Calendar 

  2. Timezone and time format
    Your availability will be automatically adjusted to the client's time zone in case they are in a different time zone than yours.
    Please note: If you are a local business and don't expect clients to have different time zone than yours, you can disable the time zone detection by checking the Local Time option.


  3. Calendar Increments. 
    This option defines which time slots your vCita calendar will be displayed to you, and does not affect the appointment duration (which is set through the services settings). 
  4. Business Hours
    The business hours define the times that your clients will be able to schedule services or appointments.
    By default, your business hours will be set from 9am to 5pm, but you can easily adjust it to your needs. 
    You can set different availability for each day of the week, which will repeat itself weekly. 
    You can create a break in your day buy adding availability window, or disable your availability for a specific by deleting it.

    If you would like to tweak your availability, you can do that directly on your vCita Calendar or through your Synced Calendar.


  5. Show your Up-To-Date availability
    vCita lets you continuously import your up-to-date availability from your existing calendar. This way you can show your clients and prospects exactly when you're available for an appointment, and you will not need to worry about double booking.


 Manage appointments and business calendar

vCita created an easy to use Calendar where you can manage all your appointments. You can still manage all appointments right from your existing calendar - all new appointments scheduled via vCita will be added to your existing calendar as well.

  1. Add appointments to my existing calendar
    Whenever an appointment gets approved, an email is sent to both you and the client.


    This email contains all appointment details, as well as a file that adds the appointment to your calendar.
    Make sure you receive this email. And that changes to this appointment are made via vCita.

  2. Manage appointments (accept, reschedule, follow up)
    vCita Calendar allows you to view your upcoming meetings, invite clients to meet and even block dates and times and change your availability on a daily basis.
    To access your vCita calendar click on the Calendar menu on your vCita Dashboard.

    Block specific times and even a range of dates and Mark them as Busy
    These times will be excluded from your vCita availability and clients will not have the option to select these times.Click here to learn how to block specific times on vCita calendar.

    Invite clients to meet - over the phone, in-person or online. Accept, reschedule or decline meeting requests right from your vCita calendar. Click here for more information.

    Any changes you will save on your vCita calendar will affect your availability as your clients see it.

  3. Import existing calendar events to your vCita calendar
    Syncing your existing calendar with vCita - will show blocked times from your existing calendar on your vCita calendar.
    This way you will have all your business appointments and schedule listed in the vCita calendar - and you could easily manage all appointments, invite for new appointments, block times and arrange your day.

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