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What are the different booking options I can offer online?

All your online booking options are available via your Service Menu for all of your customers. When creating the options under Settings > Services, you'll have the following options:

  • Set the Service Name & Service Details
  • The duration of the appointment
  • Choose a Communication Type: Phone - You call the client, Phone - Client calls you, Online, Skype, In person - Your location, In Person - Client location. If you choose an option where the customer should contact or come to you, the relevant information will be requested from the customer when they schedule.
  • You may set preparation time to ensure you always have X minutes before a service of that type.
  • Choose your Interval, which controls how often a time-slot is offered within your available hours. 
  • Enable the Availability check-box to set service-specific hours of availability. 
  • Set your Fee Display to determine if the service is free, or if it requires payment
  • Edit the Client Fields to add a service-specific questionnaire 
  • If you're creating a Group Event, set the Max Attendees 

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