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LiveSite Service Menu

What is a Service Menu?

The LiveSite service menu is the list of meetings or events that you'd like to allow your clients to schedule online.
Clients can schedule any appointment, service or event on their own directly from your website, email, or social media. You also have an option to schedule appointments with your clients, right from your vCita dashboard or calendar.

You have access to a variety of appointment types, from phone calls to online video conference meetings.

Your service menu can be set with a combination of one-on-one appointments and/or group events.

  • One-on-one appointment: usually includes you (or a member of your team) and the client. You can list different appointment options and let clients to choose which appointment they wish to schedule at their convenience and based on your up-to-date availability.
  • Group event: This service type is used to set up a multi-participant meeting, class, workshop or any other desired event. Clients can sign up on their own online until all the available spots are taken. Once you add a group event to your service menu, you can set the time the event will take place. It can be a single instance or you can open the event to a new registration on specific times on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

For each service you can determine different attributes like how/where it will take place, duration, specific availability, payments and more.

LiveSite service menu example. Click here to see it live.kristiSMLS.png

Updating your Service Menu

To set up your service menu, navigate to Settings >Services from your account dashboard. Each new vCita account is already set up with some suggested services for the service menu. 

You can click to Edit to customize those services, Delete any service that may not be relevant to your business, and Add new ones based on your needs.

You can also rearrange the services display order by using the 'drag and drop'  function on each service, to move it to the desired location.


Below are scheduling scenarios almost any business can benefit from to help you get started:

  • Skip the phone tag! Allow clients and prospects to schedule a call back. Replace the standard contact form on your website with the LiveSite Widget to get maximum results. This will ensure that you will contact the prospect at their most convenient time, and that you will not lose any opportunities.
  • Offering clients a Free Introductory Call can be a great way to engage prospects, and an opportunity for you turn them into paying clients!

Public and Private Services

When you set up your service menu, services that you create will be publicly displayed to the general public on your LiveSite Service Menu, on your website and social media by default. Checked services on the Services Setting page will be displayed publicly on the LiveSite service menu.


However in some cases, you may have a service that you would like to offer to some clients, but you don't want it to be publicly available on your menu.

To hide that service from the public and make it private, simply deselect the corresponding check-box under Settings > Services. 

In order to provide access to that specific service so that customers can still schedule it when needed, you can refer clients to a unique link via your email or online campaigns, from designated pages on your website or upon completing an intake form or a survey via email. Read this article to learn more about direct calls to action.

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