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How can I remove an invoice or payment from my summary page?

Archiving an Invoice

You are able to archive an invoice in the draft, cancelled or declined status, as well as non-completed direct payments. To archive an eligible invoice or payment, follow the steps below.

  • Log into vCita 
  • Access your Payments Summary page (Payments > Payment Summary)
  • Select View to the right of the draft/cancelled/declined invoice or non-completed payment
  • Select Archive in the upper right-hand corner  (the page will then re-load and give you the opportunity to Un-Archive if needed)
  • When you return to the Payment Summary the invoice/payment will no longer be there


Archiving FAQ

Q: Will archiving an invoice delete it?
A: Not exactly. The invoice will still be accessible via the original email sent to the client.

Q: Where can I find invoices that I've previously archived?
A: While an Archived invoice is not fully deleted, it is also no longer accessible via the Payments Summary page or via the Client Card. Since you cannot easily retrieve an archived invoice, we suggest that you treat it as a "soft delete" function (ie: do not archive an invoice or payment if you will need it in the future).

Q: When will this be useful for me?
A: Many vCita customers have invoices that they have used for practice and/or invoices that were cancelled at a later date, and they need a way to de-clutter their summary screen. Archiving is most useful for situations such as those.

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