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Direct Client Payments


Client Payments

Your clients can now pay for any service and for any amount right from the Client Portal in your vCita LiveSite, your website and even social media! 
Clients can enter their desired amount & specify any service they desire, pay for a service without scheduling first, or make a deposit. Or you can set in advance "Pay button" clients can use to pay for specific services at a fixed amount.

Please note: Clients will only be able to submit a payment if you have enabled this option on your vCita account and completed your Payment Settings. Please click here to review your Payment Settings.


Your Experience

  • When a client completes a payment, you will get an email and SMS notification that the payment was completed, and you will be able to review it on the Payments tab on your vCita account (visit Settings > Notifications and Reminders to activate SMS notifications).
  • If a payment was started but not completed, an engagement will automatically be created and added to your vCita inbox, to ensure you don't lose any potential leads. vCita will not send you an email or SMS notifications for non-completed payments.
  • You will now have access to a direct  payment link which can be used on your website as a Pay button, sent in an email to a client, etc. This link is accessible under Publish > Additional Links. 
    To learn more about this option please click here
  • Just like with Invoices currently, a record of a client's payments can be found in their specific client card by selecting the Payments tab.


Client Experience



  • Existing clients will be required to complete the amount to pay, the reason for payment and any additional notes.
  • New clients will also be required to provide their contact information, and will be subsequently added to your vCita client list. If you wish to collect additional client information on the direct payment page, you should edit your "Client Card" settings as described in this article.

  • Next, clients will be forwarded to provide their payment information on a secured page.
  • Once the payment is completed successfully, the client will receive an email confirmation and will be directed back to the Client Portal.
  • You will get an email notification that the payment was completed and will be able to review it on the Payments tab on your vCita account.


Client Payment FAQ:

Q: How are Payments different from a normal invoice?
A: Payments will not be associated to an Invoice number on your Payment Summary dashboard, and unlike a traditional vCita invoice, even brand new clients (who have never contacted you before) can complete payment. Additionally, you can provide a direct link to the payment screen instead of sending an invoice or refer clients to complete a payment on your website.

Q: Can I receive an email notification for non-completed payments? 
Not at this time. Be sure to check your vCita Inbox regularly for any non-completed payment leads.

Q: Can I edit the email that my client will receive upon completing a payment? 
While this is not available at this time, it will be in the future. Stay tuned for updates.

Q: One of my clients completed a direct payment, but I also sent him/her an invoice. Can I merge the two? 
No, merging a Payment with an Invoice is not currently an option. We suggest cancelling the Invoice and archiving it, to remove it from your summary screen.

Q: I don't want to offer this option to my clients. How do I turn it off?
Simply access your Payments settings (Settings > Payments) and deselect the "Payments on LiveSite" option.

Q: Can my clients access this option directly from the LiveSite Widget?
Not yet, but this will become available soon. At this time clients can only access the Payments screen via their Client Portal or a direct link.

Q: When would I use this option instead of a traditional invoice?
A: Direct payments are a great option when you would like to allow your client to pay for a packaged service, if you'd like to have the client pay a deposit, or even to allow other people to purchase your services for someone else (like a gift card). Additionally, having access to the direct payment link allows you to add a section to your website dedicated specifically to completing payments. Direct payments are also an alternative to requesting payment up-front through the service itself.

Q: I don't have PayPal or Stripe. Can I still use this?
A: At this time PayPal and Stripe are the only payment gateways we support. However, we plan to add additional options in the future.



If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us

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