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How can I collect payments upfront for meetings and services I provide?

You can offer your clients a fee based meeting and require them to complete the payment upfront when the meeting is scheduled.

Your clients can pay online using Credit-Cards or with PayPal.
The Payments are imminently transferred to your PayPal account or you bank account (via Stripe.com) once the client pays.

To set up your Payment preferences, go to Payments settings page.

To set a service or appointment with upfront payment request, go to Services settings page on your account dashboard.
1. Click to Edit any of the default options or click Add Service
2. Edit the Fee section
3. From the Fee display drop down list you can select between 2 upfront payment options:

  • Suggest to pay at booking - In this case, the business will be notified about the meeting request and can decide to accept it, even if the client didn't complete the payment while scheduling. With this option you can allow your clients to choose to either pay online at the time of booking or to pay cash or check at the office. It is also a good option to the business to capture all leads.
  • Require to pay at booking - In this case, if the client will not complete the payment at the time of bookings, the appointment time will not be confirmed.

4. Set the
 Price and Currency
5. Click Save 


Once the client completes the payment, a notification will be displayed on your account before you accept the meeting.
Your client will also receive an email notification and will be requested to follow a link to complete the payment in case it was not yet completed.
You can also send your client a payment reminder or an invoice and request for the payment to be completed before the meeting can be accepted.
Or you can accept the meeting and collect the payment later (using vCita, at the office or over the phone).

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