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Create a new Invoice / Receipt / Quote

Create a new Invoice / Receipt / Quote


vCita allows you to create invoices, Receipts or Quotes.

Note: Our Invoices are compliant with both US and European invoicing formats

To create a new invoice:

  • Click on the “New” button in your “Inbox” or “Client” menu or the “New invoice” button located in your Payments menu.
  • Select an existing client for which the invoice will be generated. If the invoice is meant for a new client you didn't create a client card for yet, the option of creating one on the fly will be presented to you.


Invoice Header

  • The invoices will always include your business logo, name and address as you set it up on your vCita Account Settings.
  • Clicking on “Edit address”  will let you change the business address for a specific invoice if needed.
  • The Address / other info field, information like the business id for tax purposes can be added as well.


                       invoice_header.JPG    address_other_info_label.JPG




Invoice Details

  • The "Invoice" title can be altered according to your requirement to "Receipt" or "Quote" for example from the “Invoice label” field.
  • Under “Invoice number”, each invoice can have a different serial number set if needed. “Purchase order”  field can be used for a purchase or shipping order numbers.
  • Select a Date of Issue and a Due Date. If the invoice is not paid by the due date, vCita can remind you to follow up with the client. This option should be enabled from the Payments Settings page.
  • Set the Currency. Each invoice can be set to a different currency than the default one selected on your Payments Settings page.


 Adding an item

  • Click on Add Item to add an item on the invoice
  • Service Or Product - Select one from your predefined service list or type in any other service or a product.
  • Provide a short Description (optional), Quantity  Price, Discount (can be by entering negative amount/discount rate per line item) if applicable and taxes. Note that the taxes defined can be used in any future invoice, and separate taxes can be created per item.


      tax_dropdown.jpg       add_tax.JPG



  • Add additional notes (links, instructions or terms) to be displayed to the client on the invoice. The total will be automatically calculated.
  • Offer your clients to pay online by checking the Online Payment option.
  • If you have subscribed  to a Free package, you will be limited to collecting up to 300$/ month from your clients. If you wish to collect unlimited payments, check the star icon to upgrade your account.
  • Save a draft of the invoice for future editing or click on Send to have it sent to your client



More editing options

  • After an invoice was saved or sent you can always make additional changes to it.
  • Visit the Payment menu to view all your invoices and their status.







View invoice - Displays the invoice as the client will see it.

Print- Send the invoice to your printer.

Edit - Allow you to change any detail on the invoice, even if the invoice was already sent to the client. Any changes applied to the invoice will show in the client’s copy as well.

Copy - Creates a new invoice that includes all the details from the copied version.

Reply-  Allows you to send a message or reply the client the invoice was sent to.

View conversation- Displays your correspondence with the client following the invoice.

Send Reminder - Generates an automatic email reminder about the unpaid invoice.

Cancel -Adds a "Cancelled" stamp on the invoice that will be visible to you and the client. The payment option for this invoice will be disabled.

Mark as paid - Adds a "Paid" stamp on the invoice that will be visible to you and the client. The payment option for this invoice will be disabled.

Resend -Emails the same invoice to the client.


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