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Add vCita Scheduling to MailChimp

Use the power of vCita Online Scheduling on your MailChimp Email Marketing Campaigns

Let your clients take an immediate action right from the emails you send, and schedule an appointment or a service even if they read your email outside of your working hours.

Use vCita's Integration with MailChimp to add a Schedule Now link or button to every email you send:

1. Log in to your vCita account. If you don't have an account yet, create your Free account Here

2. Set your scheduling preferences: Working hours, offered appointment options and more in your account settings 

3. Grab your scheduling links here and add as a link or a button to your email campaigns on MailChimp.

With premium: vCita Online Scheduling Starter package, vCita Ultimate and vCita Teams, you can also create direct links to specific services or offerings, enhancing your call to action even more!

Find out more about the vCita integration with MailChimp here


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