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9 Best Practices to Get Started with vCita Premium


Please note: This guide was written for users on the Essentials subscription level. Some options may not be available for users not currently on that subscription level. To review your current subscription and/or make changes, navigate to the My Account  section. 

Getting Started

This Quick Start guide will assist you in learning how to configure your vCita Ultimate account and will help to maximize the value of your LiveSite. For best results, please first log in at www.vcita.com so you may use the shortcut links in this document.

Business Settings

Your premium vCita account offers you a variety of tools and settings to best fit vCita to your business needs. First, you will want to configure your back-end settings before adding vCita to your website. Below are shortcuts to some of the main settings you will need to configure in order to use your vCita account.

  • Customize Your Business Information
    • Configure your business name and description as well as your basic contact information.
  • Set Your Business Hours & Sync a Calendar
    • Set the general range of hours you are available for meetings each day and sync your personal calendar to vCita.
    • Click here to review the calendar sync FAQ forum.
  • Customize Your Service Menu
    • Add any services/meeting options that you would like to allow your clients to book online.
    • Click here to review the FAQ article for this function.
  • Enable Online Payments
    • If you wish to accept payments for services provided you will need to sync your eligible payment gateway to vCita.
    • Click here to review our Payments FAQ forum.

Client Settings

Before you start using vCita, you will want to determine what information should be collected from clients during the scheduling or contact process via the LiveSite widget. You can set the fields for information to be collected and all information will be stored in your vCita CRM.

LiveSite Setup & Branding

You will not fully benefit from vCita without adding LiveSite to your website. You are able to customize the layout, colors, branding and text to perfectly match your business needs.

Adding vCita to Your Website

vCita can be easily and quickly integrated with most website platforms. From your account dashboard, click on Edit LiveSite button then click on Add to Website. Then click Edit/View for the desired widget. Then, select the Add to Website button to review the instructions for your specific platform.

You may also utilize the Preview option from your vCita Dashboard to see how the LiveSite widget will look on your  website before actually adding it.



What's Next?

9 Best practices to get more from your Ultimate account

  1. Send an announcement that you have a new offering that allows them to share documents, pay online, book appointment and message anytime on any device. Add the "Schedule Now" link or button within the email and invite them to connect. 
  2.  If you use Constant Contact, Marketo or any other outbound marketing tool, add the link within the email, newsletter, etc. 
  3. Promote the use of vCita by offering a discount for those that book appointments online. 
  4. Write a blog post and announce you are using vCita and invite clients to connect. Add the 'Schedule Now" button to the post. 
  5. With your invoicing, let clients know they can "Pay Now" with vCita. 
  6. Add the "Pay Now" button to any page within your site. 
  7. Take your upcoming week's schedule and use vCita to book appointments with clients. This will show them how easy it is to use. 
  8. Post on social media and add a link to schedule, pay now, etc. 
  9. Share a file with a client through vCita file sharing.


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