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WebProfessional Licenses Cost

WebPro License Cost Breakdown

If you are new to the vCita Partnership program, click here to review a short video to learn more about the program.

As a vCita Solution Provider or a White Label partner you receive a discount on the licenses you re-sell to your clients. Below are the associated costs to activate a subscription on behalf of one of your clients. All costs are in USD.

Once you purchase a subscription for a client, you can then invoice them for any amount you desire. 

Solution Provider - If you prefer not to purchase a subscription on behalf of your client, you can just let the client upgrade their own account. In this case, you will receive a 50% commission from that purchase.
Please note: If you are on the White Label partnership, your clients will not have the option to upgrade their own account and they will be referred to contact you.

Click here to see the different subscription plans and rates (the client rate).


Still have questions? Contact webpro@vcita.com. 

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