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Getting Started - Get to know the Web Pro Dashboard and add vCita to your clients

Getting started

First, log-in to your vCita account  and click on Partner Dashboard , where  you can easily set up vCita accounts for your clients.
Through the Partner dashboard, you can also view the account status, set trial, upgrade the account or access it to complete the setup and manage it.


Start by creating a vCita account for your client:

Click on Add New Clients button and complete the required details:




Type in your client's email address, where he will receive notifications each time a new contact, appointment or a payment is submitted.

Enter a temporary password for the account. Your client can change it the first time he logs in.

Click on Create Account.

The new account is ready, and both you and your client will receive an email notification. While testing the account, every email vCita sends to your client, will also be sent to me.  Once the site is up and running, you can disable this option. Click here to learn how.

Add vCita to your client's website 

The account you created was added to your Web-Pro dashboard. To further customize the new account and add vCita to your client's website, you can click on Login as next to the new account.



In your client's account, click on Settings on the top right, where you can upload your client’s photo, and set up his profile.

Next, navigate to My LiveSite on the left menu. Click on Edit LiveSite button then click on Add to Website. Click ob Edit/View for the LiveSite Widget - a proactive call-to-action form that will appear on every page of the website.  You can also add a vCita contact form to your client's Facebook page, email campaigns and more.

You can choose the layout, add custom fields, change the colors, and more.

Finally, click Add to Website button.  
You can choose the hosting platform on the left for step-by-step instructions - or just select Other, highlight the HTML code, and then copy and paste, to add vCita to any website.



Another option many businesses love is our self-service appointment booking, which allows them to capture more leads and save time on scheduling.

Take a minute to set it up and show it to your client. Go to the Settings>Services, and choose what types of appointments you’d like to offer. Like a free phone consultation, an in-office meeting, and more.  vCita even supports options like conference calls, online meetings, and video meetings.

Add vCita to all your clients

To return to your dashboard, simply log out of your client's account, and log back into your own. Once you've set up your first account, you can mark it as a template.  The next time you create a new account, you can use the “clone” option to apply the same settings again, in seconds.

For the new account you created you can activate 30 day free trial of the Business plan.

You can then decide, if you prefer to let clients upgrade their account on their own, at a full rate, and receive a commission from vCita.
Or alternatively, upgrade your client's account yourself, with a discount, and resell the subscription to the client at your rate and as part of your other services. Click here to learn more.

Still have questions? Contact us at webpro@vcita.com

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