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Will the accounts I create for my clients be free or premium?

All accounts you create using your Web Professionals Dashboard are automatically set as Free accounts.
If you feel that it will help you to sell vCita to your client, you can activate 30 day free trial of vCita Ultimate for Teams, so you can demonstrate vCita options to your client and setup the account.

You can customize and edit all of the account's services, preferences and widgets by using the "login as" option.

When you're ready to publish the website and activate the account, click "Activate Subscription" and select the desired package for your client. You can activate to any of the subscriptions - Ultimate or Ultimate for Teams and including the starter plans.

If the trial period ends and no subscription was activated, the account will get locked. Need some more time to work on your project before it gets published? Contact us at partners@vcita.com so we can extend your client's trial. 

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