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How do I create new accounts for my clients?



Your Partner Dashboard, allows you to easily create and resell vCita accounts for your clients.

To create an account, visit your Partner Dashboard and click Create New Account.

Choose one of the 3 options:

  • Create new account - By entering your client's email and other business information you can create a new account directly under your Partner dashboard.
    For a quick setup, select the Industry and Profession for the business that you create.
    The account will be automatically set up with a design that matches your selection and related calls to action.
  • Clone account - You can "mark as template" any of the accounts in your Partner dashboard.
    When you select to clone an account, many of the settings in the template account, will apply on the new account. 
  • Invite clients to join - share with your clients your unique partner link and invite them to create their own account. Once the account is created, it will be displayed in your Partner Dashboard.

    You can share your invitation link in different ways: 

    • Social Media - click on any of the social media icons to connect to your account. You can customize the message before posting.
    • Email - click o the email icon to send the invitation over email directly from your Partner Dashboard. We have prepared an email template you can use but feel free to customize it. You can find additional email templates here.
    • On your website - copy the invitation link and add it to your website, email campaigns, webinars or online promotions. You can find banners and marketing materials here



The accounts you create will be set as Free accounts but you will have an option to activate 30 day free trial of vCita Business plan with all premium features - so you'll have plenty of time to customize everything and fit it to your client's specific requirements.

Once the account was created, it is be added to your Partner dashboard, and you can edit and customize it by clicking Login as

When you are ready to upgrade the account to a paid subscription, click Activate subscription and choose the preferred subscription.

Please note, if you are a Solution Provider r a Reseller partner, your clients have the option to upgrade to any subscription on their own within their vCita account. In this case, you may be eligible for a Partners commission.

Click here to learn more about the Partnership program.


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