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Can web-professionals get a commission?

vCita Web-Professional Program

The web-professionals partnership program offers you to purchase vCita subscriptions at a discounted price and resell them as part of your services.  As a web-professional, you can purchase a $149.90/year vCita Ultimate license or a $239.90/year Ultimate for Teams license that you can resell at $298.80 or more!

We believe in this partnership, and provide you with all needed tools to success. The web-professional dashboard allows you to:

  • Demo and offer vCita to your clients.
  • Fit vCita to your client needs and customize vCita widgets for their websites
  • Track your client accounts at vCita with reports and administrative access

To learn more about the partnership options click here

If you're interested in earning a commission without creating and managing accounts for your clients- Please consider our Reseller Program


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