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How to create revenue with vCita Partnership Program?

How do I get paid for subscriptions I sell?

vCita Partnership Program offers the opportunity to introduce new services to your current business offering and create additional source of recurring revenue.
Our partnership plans are flexible and can fit to your business model easily, both in terms of bundling our services with your existing packages, or as an add on services.

Commission VS Resell

There are two main options for you to get compensated for selling vCita subscriptions for your clients:


The commission module is available with the Solution Provider or the Reseller Partnership levels.
With this module, your client will purchase the vCita subscription directly from us at our listed rates.
We will then deposit your commission to your PayPal account.
The commission is calculated based on:

  • The plan the client purchased – Click here to see our packages 
  • The billing cycle - Monthly subscription will be paid month-by-month and Annual subscription is paid once a year
  • Your partnership level -
    Solution Provider receive 50% commission for the entire subscription life-cycle.
    Resellers receive commission 20% for the first subscription year.

If you prefer to choose the commission option, simply instruct your clients to login to their vCita account, and click on any upgrade banners and complete the payment with their billing info.
Please note: In order for us to be able to deposit your commission, make sure to enter your PayPal account email in the “PayPal account email” field in the Partner Dashboard on your vCita account. Click here to learn more.

Reselling subscriptions

The resell module is offered with the Solution Provider or White Label partnership levels.
With this module, you can purchase subscriptions at 50% discount of our listed rates.
Then you can resell it to your clients at any rate, as an add-on or as a bundle with other services you offer. You can also charge fees for training and setup.
Please note: With the reselling subscriptions module, you are responsible for setting the final rate for your client and for billing. Click here to view our packages breakdown.
To purchase a discounted subscription and activate it on your clients account you should:

  • Access the Partners Dashboard on your vCita account.
  • Click on Activate subscription button next to the account you wish to upgrade.
  • From the drop-down list, select the desired subscription and click on Activate
  • Enter your payment info and complete the payment. 

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