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Reporting Feature


vCita offers a reporting functionality that allows you to track client card information, meeting information, and LiveSite widget views. 

Export Clients

Under the Clients menu click on Export.


You are able to export all of your client information into an Excel or CSV file.
The report will include all the basic client information (e.g. Email, Name, Phone etc), the custom client card information, as well as the system information (the client's time zone, marketing source and creation time).

Appointment Reporting

Under Calendar menu click on Export.


You can export a list of all scheduled or requested appointments. This report does not include expired or cancelled appointments. You can export this report for any time range into an Excel or a CSV file, and it will include the following information:

  • Time: the scheduled appointment time
  • Created at: the appointment time requested by you or your client
  • Client name, email and the staff member
  • Service details: Name, duration and price
  • Final location of the appointment
  • Payment status
  • Completed/No Show status indication


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