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How can I know the source of each request?

For each contact, payment, shared document or scheduling request you receive, vCita will save the web page URL the request was submitted from and which vCita widget was used.

To view the source URL of each request navigate to your vCita Inbox and click on any engagement.
Under the engagement title, you will find the source for the specific request, including the widget that was used and the URL it was submitted from.


vCita also save for each client, the source URL of their original request. You can find this information in the client card, in the Clients report, and this information also forwarded over API when you integrate vCita with 3rd party applications.

Add unique tag to your call to actions

Since you can use LiveSite widgets and call-to-action link in multiple channels, you can add a tag to the LiveSite call to action so you can know from which URL or campaign the request was submitted.

The tag will be included in each request in your vCita Inbox, in the reports and can also be forwarded through vCita API to any other applications you use.

To create your Call to Action link, navigate to Publish>Links and Buttons and follow the instructions to generate the link.

Simply add s="SOURCE-NAME" to your call-to-action link as in the example below:


In this example, we selected a specific service therefore we added "&" before the source tag name



In this example, we selected a specific service therefore we added "?" before the source tag name

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