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Manage your vCita Clients

Manage your Clients

vCita allows you to view and manage all your contacts, clients and leads on vCita from a single page.

To access this information, select Clients from the menu on the left.


Your client list will present you with several options:

  • Ability to create a new client
  • Import an existing CSV file with client data
  • Export your vCita client data into an Excel or CSV file
  • Ultimate for Teams Only: Ability to view the client list as yourself, or view data from your whole team 
    Outlined in blue in the screenshot below.

You are also able to use the optimized Search function to easily locate any client, meeting, message, payment or document. Click here  to learn more about the vCita search function.


Editing Contact Information

Once you locate a contact in your vCita Client list, you are able to view, add-onto or edit the existing information as desired- and more. 

  • Upload a photo for your client by clicking the logo in the upper-left
  • Review available public Social Media information
    (To disable this automatic option, navigate to Settings > Client Card)


  • Review the entire engagement history for each client at-a-glance using the Info, Appointments, Payments and Documents tabs
  • Create a New Message, Appointment, Document or Invoice for that specific client
  • Delete a client, or Mark as Spam
  • Edit Client Card field data by replacing existing content with new content (changes are saved automatically)
  • Use the Private Notes section to leave notes regarding your client, that only the business can see
  • Ultimate for Teams Only: Using the toggle in the upper-right, view only your data or all staff data. 

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