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Edit Your Client Card

Your Client Card

vCita allows you to keep track of all your business contacts in one place. Clients are automatically created for every lead from your website, and with each new appointment, document or invoice you send. 

You can ask leads to provide their contact information such as their email address, phone number, physical address or any other additional information that will help you to provide them with a better service. For each client or lead vCita will keep an internal client file with private notes and details for future reference.

To view your contacts, select the Clients menu on your  dashboard

*Below is an example of a Client Card. click here to learn more about Contacts management 



You can customize your Client Card  to include specific fields and information that you would like to collect from your clients. To get started, navigate to Settings > Client Card from your dashboard, or click here.

The Email, First Name and Last Name fields are set up and required by default. You can add additional fields to support your specific needs from the Add field drop-down menu; choose your desired field type and select Add.

  • Unique ID: Adds a single-line text area meant to collect a client membership or ID number. Data inputted into this area must be unique; no two clients can submit the same answer. 
  • Text Area: Adds a single-line text field for the client
  • Drop Down List: Adds a drop-down menu for the client, predefined with your desired options



Once you add a new field, you can set up its title and any predefined possible answers (in the case of a drop-down list).

You can also choose where to display these data prompts: During the scheduling process and/or when the client leaves you a message or makes a direct payment. The information clients provide during these processes will be saved in the Client Card, which is viewable via the client list. 

If you add a new field but choose not to display it on any forms, the field will be added to the client card itself and can be used only by you internally. This means clients will not see that field, but you have the ability to enter information there manually.


*An example for a customized contact form for the Schedule an appointment option:

Returning clients will NOT be required to provide Client Card information again. Instead they will see a personalized greeting, as in the image below. 


Advanced: Collecting Client Data on Every Scheduled Appointment 

If you would like to collect information that will be updated in the Client Card with every scheduled appointment (including for returning clients) you will need to create the same fields via the Service Fields option, as follows: 

  1. Create the desired field via Settings > Client Card and disable the 'During Scheduling' and 'On Contact Requests' options. This means you will be creating a Client Card field that will not display to your client. 
  2. Then, navigate to Settings > Services.
    Click Edit for the desired service, and create the same field(s) under the Request info > Service Fields section that you previously set up in the Client Card.  It is important that the fields labels will be the same for both the Client Card Fields and Service Fields.

    You can do this for each service option where you want your client to complete those fields with each request; you can apply this to all services, or only a chosen few. To learn more about how to set up your service menu and the service form click here.

    **(Please note that returning clients will not be able to update their Email address First and Last Name fields in any case.)**
  3. The next time an existing client schedules an appointment, as soon as they enter their email address the system will recognize them and will remove the Client Card Fields from the form. The returning client will only be required to provide the information that was set up in the Service Fields setting


vCita also offers a stand alone Contact Form that you can add to any website. Click here to lean more
If you set the fields in the client card to be the same title and options as the fields on your Contact Form widget, the information provided on the contact form will also be saved on the Client Card.

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