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How to add a direct payment button on any website

You can add a vCita "Pay" button to your website so clients can easily pay for difference services you offer, products, packages and more.

Design you own button (or you can use this one) or text then link it to your payment page on vCita.
You can define each link or button with a specific amount and service-name.
Add the button to any page on your website and if needed include additional information or instructions regarding the service and payment.

The link to your payment page is available on the Publish > Links & Buttons menu your vCita account.

On the LiveSite Links and Buttons page, you can follow the steps to generate the payment link.

Simply select where you want to add the payment option. You can send a payment link over email or add to your website as a payment button or link.

Next, mark the Make payment option and customize by entering a specific service name and specific amount.
To learn more please review this article.


Please visit the Payment Settings page to enable Online Payments on your account.

If you wish to collect additional client information on the direct payment page, you should edit your "Client Card" settings as described in this article.

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