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Add a vCita widget to your website or blog

For more detailed instructions on how to add vCita to your website, click here and select your website platform from the list.

vCita offers different options to engage more visitors within your website - no matter where you host:

LiveSite - display "call-to-action" at the bottom of your web page.
Service Menu/Scheduling Calendar - display a list for your services right on your website and allow clients to complete the scheduling process without leaving your website.
Contact Form - an alternative to your existing contact form, with an option to request a service or schedule a meeting on your contact page. You can read more about it here.
Contact & Schedule Sidebar - add a sidebar to any post or page. Normally, this vertical sidebar, or horizontal header/footer, will have your photo/logo, and a brief invitation to contact you or schedule an appointment.
Scheduling button - Design your own "Schedule Now" button or use this one. Then visit here to copy the link to your vCita scheduling page and add it to the image.

To add any of the options above to your website please visit here and select your favorite widget.
Complete the widget settings and customization and Click on Add To Website.
Select your website platform and follow the instructions. 
You can either add vCita to your website yourself, or send instructions to your web designer.

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