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Introducing the New LiveSite

The New vCita LiveSite

vCita is constantly working to bring you the best web engagement platform available. Today, we are pleased to present the enhanced, feature-rich LiveSite, coupled with a sleek new look for desktop and mobile sites!

Sleek New Look
The renovated LiveSite lets you place a call-to-action menu on any website, separate from the LiveSite invite that is displayed at the bottom. This menu also includes a button for returning clients.

Based on our research, this fresh and elegant design reduces friction and creates even more client engagement with one-click. As always, LiveSite options are fully customizable including branding, text and the list of call-to-action buttons.

More Calls-to-Action
With the new LiveSite design, you can also enable two new calls-to-action:
Direct Payment form where customers can click to pay with any credit card or PayPal on any page within your site
• Easy and secure, File Sharing directly through your website.


Enable the New LiveSite on your Website

You may have already noticed the new LiveSite on your website. Your custom text, colors and actions remained the same.

But to benefit from the full capabilities of the new design, click here to Edit the LiveSite Setting and enable the new floating call-to-action menu.

Under LiveSite Actions section, select the Floating Actions layout and choose the actions you wish to display.
You can change the label that is displayed for each action and re-order the actions on the menu by simply drag and drop each action to the preferred location.



To learn more about the customization options, click here


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