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New! Per-Service Options - Preparation Time, Intervals & Availability

Per-Service Options

Today, we’re excited to release several new per-service options. You can now set Preparation Time, Intervals and Availability on a per-service level. 

These features will help you to make the most of your time and have more control of your offering for maximum flexibility!

  • Availability per Service - You can now make different services available on different days, or time of the day. Allow your clients to schedule with you at different locations on different days. Limit the time available for free services or offer after hours availability for preferred clients.
  • Availability Intervals - Set different appointments Intervals for each service. Offer your clients to schedule appointments on the hour, half-hour, or any other preferred setting.
  • Preparation Time - For each service, you can set aside blocks of time for travel, buffers between client meetings or phone calls. Preparation time helps to avoid appointment fatigue and overlap, and ensures that you will not have back-to-back bookings.


With this new release we have also made a change in the way the available times are calculated, so your availability is ultimately optimized.

We recommend that you review your vCita account settings and verify that the availability is displayed to your satisfaction. Visit the Service Settings page and click Test Drive Your Availability. 

You may also Click here to edit your service menu and update your availability, or click here to read more about the different options.

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