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Custom form and Document upload

Custom form and Document upload


We are excited to announce our new Custom form and Document upload - another great and useful feature that will help you enhance your business.

From now on you can invite clients to submit contact requests with an attached document, right from your website.

This option is great for collecting any forms or documentation you may need from a client before you meet with them.

All client information and documents will be saved on the client card on your vCita account, so you can easily review it and follow up with your clients. 

How can I use it for my business?

You can create and add an "Upload Now" button to any page on your website, email campaign or even your social media accounts. 

To link your vCita Custom form and Document upload to a button or image for your website, click on Marketing > Additional Links from your vCita Dashboard. Once there, copy the Document Upload link.





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