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Add vCita LiveSite Widget to Web.com Site

Copy vCita LiveSite Widget HTML code:

  • Login to your vCita dashboard click on Marketing menu and select Add to Website. Click on Edit next to the LiveSite Widget option to customize and design your widget. 
  • Click Add To Website button and select Other websites
  • Copy the HTML code


Add vCita LiveSite Widget to your website:

  • On Web.com site builder ensure you are on the Overview tab
  • Under Webmaster tools select Add Google Analytics Web Analytics Service
  • Paste the LiveSite Widget HTML code into the box that pops up
  • Click Save

Another option to add the code to  the website:

  • Edit the Footer
  • Select the Content tab
  • Under Copyright Statement paste the LiveSite Widget HTML code copied from vCita
  • Click Save
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