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Add vCita LiveSite Widget to Joomla website

First, you will need to allow Java script and iFrame on you Joomla website:
On Extensions menu click on Plug-in Manager.
Find and click on Editors – TinyMCE (or any other editor in use), Click on Basic Options on right.
On Prohibited Elements section remove mentioning of “script” and “iframe”. Click Save.
Joomla 2.5, 3.1: Click on Site menu, select Global Configuration, click on Text Filters.
Joomla 1.7: Click on Content menu, select Article Manager, click on Options on the top right corner and click on Text Filters tab. 
Under Super Users section select No Filtering.

Copy the LiveSite Widget HTML code:
Go to Marketing menu on your vCita dashboard and select Add to Website. Click on Edit next to the LiveSite Widget option to customize and design your widget.
Click Add To Website button and select Other websites
Copy the HTML code

Add the LiveSite Widget Code to your site:
Click on Extensions menu and select Module manger.
Click on New and select Custom html. Enter a title and Select Position-0 (You may need to choose a different position, depending on the website templates).
In the Content Editor section click the HTML button, paste the LiveSite Widget HTML Code and click update, Click on Save.

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