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Add vCita LiveSite to Wix Website


vCita LiveSite can be easily added to your Wix website. It will display a dynamic contact or scheduling invitation on any page of your site.
Click here to see live example

To add vCita LiveSite to your Wix website follow these simple steps:

  1. On Wix Editor, click App Market icon
  2. In the search box type "vCita" and click the search icon
  3. Select vCita Active Lead Generation then click 
  4. Click on App Settings and fill in your vCita account ID (your email with vCita). 
    Your details should be automatically completed, click on Continue.

*If you don't have a vCita account a new account will automatically be created once you click on Continue.

Click here to learn more about the LiveSite customization options.

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