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Add vCita LiveSite to your Drupal site

Add vCita contact form and online scheduler to your Wordpress website by installing our plugin:

  1. Download the vCita LiveSite Module for Drupal here
  2. Login to your Drupal account.
  3. Click on Modules  and select "Install new module"
  4. Upload the vCita Module by clicking "Choose file", and click "Install".
  5. Back on your modules tab, navigate to the vCita module and activate it by checking the "activate" box.
  6. Click "Configure" to configure and customize your LiveSite widget.
  7. Connect your vCita account with Drupal by providing the Email address associated with your vCita account. If you don't have a vCita account yet, simply create a Free account directly from the plugin.sign_up.JPG
  8. Once the account was connected, the LiveSite Widget will be added automatically to all pages on your Drupal site.
  9. You can set on which pages the LiveSite will be shown, by Node, Role or Page.
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