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Add the LiveSite Widget on selected pages - Wordpress

Please note - this article describes how to add the LiveSite Widget to a page, but can also be utilized for any other vCita widget like Contact Form, Scheduling Calendar, or Sidebar widget.  

First, disable the LiveSite Widget [formerly called Active Engage] on the vCita plugin (Note: This applies only if you have installed a vCita plugin):

  • Log into your WordPress admin account and select vCita LiveSite from the left navigation bar.
  • Click on Edit under the LiveSite Widget box.
  • Under Show LiveSite Widget on every page switch to Off.

Then, Copy the LiveSite Widget HTML code (or any other widget that you would like to add):

  • Go to Publish menu on your vCita account and select Edit/View under the LiveSite Widget
  • Click Add To Website button and select Other websites
  • Copy the HTML code.

Once copied, go back to WordPress:

  • From Wordpress left navigation panel, select Pages>All Pages
  • Find and Edit the page you wish to add the widget to
  • Select the Text tab on the top right of the page editor
  • Paste the code copied from vCita within the editor


Another option to add HTML code to a specific web page in Wordpress:

  • Install and activate the following WordPress plugin, it will allow you to add the LiveSite Widget Javascript code to any page on your website. The plugin will be added to your WP admin panel (under the name XYZ HTML)
  • Click on it and select HTML Snippets.
  • Click on Add New HTML Snippet, enter a title and paste the LiveSite Widget code (copied from your vCita account).
  • Click on Create.

Add the Code to Desired Pages

  • Select Pages from your WordPress dashboard
  • Edit the desired page
  • Click on the HTML Snippets button and select the LiveSite Widget HTML snippet.
  • Preview and save.

If you wish to install the LiveSite Widget on all pages and exclude only specific page you might find this Wordpress plugin or this one helpful.

Or, you can add the following code to the CSS of the specific pages you would like to disable the LiveSite widget on:

body #livesite_engage_button{
    display: none;

body #livesite_active_engage {
    display: none;

body #livesite_action_buttons.ls-desktop {
    display: none;


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