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Sidebar re-size on Wordpress

Re-sizing vCita Sidebar widget is possible by using a shortcode
(vCita Shortcodes are available on vCita plugin settings page, on your Wordpress admin account).

Add vCita widget to your website sidebar:
1. Install and activate vCita plugin for Wordpress as described here. 

2. Click on Grab Shortcodes and copy the shortcode for the Vertical Sidebar.

3. Click on Appearance menu on your Wordpress Admin Panel and select Widgets.
4. Drag and drop the Text widget from the Available Widgets section to the Main Sidebar section (or other preferred location).
5. Paste the shortcode copied on step 2 and change the width and height attributes to fit your needs. Click Save.

* Another option is to use vCita widget HTML code (instead of the shortcode) and follow the instructions above.
To copy the widget HTML code go to Add to website page on your vCita account, and click on "Add to website" button next to the Sidebar option.
Under "Where is your website" select Others and copy the code on the right.

You can also add vCita widget to a specific page (instead of your website sidebar):
Edit the page on your Wordpress website you wish to add the widget to and paste the Shortcode for your specific widget.
Change the width and height attributes to fit your needs. Save.

* If you enabled vCita Sidebar widget on vCita plugin, make sure to remove it to avoid duplication:
On your WP Admin Panel, click on Appearance and select Widgets.
Drag vCita Widget from Main Sidebar menu and drop it on Available Widgets section on the left. 

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