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Add multiple widgets on a single Wordpress webpage

You can add multiple widgets on a single webpage so each will be linked to another vCita profile and scheduler.
This is a good option to use if you would like to allow website visitors to schedule with different people in your organization.

Before you start, make sure you have all email addresses that are assigned to your vCita accounts.

1. On your Wordpress Admin Panel, select Plugins menu and click on vCita scheduler.
2. Copy the shortcode below to add a sidebar widget-
[vCitaMeetingScheduler type=widget height=200 email=YourAccountsEmailAddress]
Or the shortcode below to add a Contact form widget -
[vCitaMeetingScheduler type=contact width=500 height=450 email=YourAccountsEmailAddress]
3. Edit the page on your Wordpress website you wish to add the widgets to.
4. Paste the shortcode on that page and update the email value with your vCita account email address. Repeat this action for any additional profile you wish to add.
5. Change the width and height attributes to fit your needs.
6. Click Save and Publish.

*Please note, in case you have the Contact Form by vCita plugin installed you will need to use the following shortcodes:
For the sidebar
[vCitaContact type=widget height=200 email=YourAccountsEmailAddress]
Or for the Contact Form
[vCitaContact type=contact width=500 height=450 email=YourAccountsEmailAddress]

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