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Adding an appointment scheduler or booking calendar to your DudaOne website

vCita's online scheduler can be easily added to your DudaOne website, by a simple drag and drop action.


  1. Go to your DudaOne editor
  2. Click on Add Element on the left bar and scroll to the Business section
  3. Drag the Online Scheduling element to your website
  4. The online scheduler will be added to your page - Now you need to associate it to your own vCita account.
  5. The Settings box should automatically pop up. If it doesn't, click on the scheduler and choose 'Edit'
  6. Enter your vCita account email and password,  or create one by entering your name and email.
  7. You are all set! If it's your first time with vCita, you will probably want to start editing your service menu, set your business hours and connect the scheduler to your private calendar. Click here to view a video tutorial.



Scheduler Design

You have several ways to add a scheduler to your website: You can choose to add a "Schedule Now" button, a complete service menu or simply your calendar if you only have one service to offer.

1. On the edit box, click on the Design tab on top to toggle between a button view and a complete scheduler view. By default, we chose 'button' for mobile and a 'complete scheduler' for desktop and tablets.

2. If you choose a button you can edit the text on the button and choose it's layout, color, fonts etc. like any other button on your Duda website.

3. If you chose the 'Full view', on the General tab you can choose whether to display a full service menu, or simply display a calendar to pick times from.



1. When choosing the Service Menu or Calendar views, make sure you have enough space on your page. Making it too narrow or too short might end up with redundant scrolls and it will be hard for your clients to use it. 

2. We recommend keeping the 'Button' mode for your mobile site - It's much more clear and intuitive then the full mode for small screens.



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